We are a low-profile swedish mailorder who carry mainly twelve inch vinyl in the experimental music region.

Contact info [@] millstonevinyl [.] se for trades, questions, press releases and whatnot.

All mailorder work is made on spare time -- please allow at least 1-2 weeks for shipping.


We use Paypal as main payment option.
For payments inside Sweden and Europe, banktransfer is also available and preferred - email info [@] millstonevinyl [.] se for instructions.
Cash payments are not accepted.


The prices to the right does NOT include postage. You are responsible for calculating and adding your own postage. Use the drop-down menu below.
Double LPs count as two LPs, triple LP sets as three LPs and so on.

The other option is to reserve items through orders [@] millstonevinyl [.] se and get a total including postage [This also applies to orders with several different formats].

Swedish orders paid through bankaccount has a slight discount on the postage costs.

Reservations will be held ONE WEEK if no other agreements has been made. Registration of packages costs extra.

Items from the mailorder can also be paid + handed out personally if in Stockholm/Sweden.

1-3 x 12" vinyls: add 70 SEK
4-7 x 12" vinyls: add 110 SEK

1 x cassette / CD: add 18 SEK
2-3 x cassettes / CDs: add 36 SEK

Outside Sweden:
1 x 12" vinyl: add 98 SEK
2-3 x 12" vinyls: add 148 SEK
4-7 x 12" vinyls: add 198 SEK

1 x cassette / CD: add 30 SEK
2-3 x cassettes / CDs: add 57 SEK

Add shipping:

Remaining Verlautbarung and Segerhuva titles will be available in late August.

Millstone vinyl